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Home Automation: Within Reach of Everyone

Posted by Michel B. on 23/05/2020

Home automation is the set of technologies that allow a more efficient management of the energy needed in any home; that is to say, that it achieves that our house makes an optimal consumption of the air conditioning, the light or the gas and, therefore, it is possible to reduce the cost of the monthly bills. Currently the home automation sector, thanks to the ease offered by apps and mobile devices, has achieved a development that makes it affordable and there are options for all types of homes and for all budgets.

How do I save energy with home automation?

The main advantage of home automation is that it can monitor energy consumption and effectively manage supplies, always taking advantage of natural resources such as light and solar radiation. In this way, you can adapt the power of the lamps to the lighting situation, to take advantage of sunlight or automatically unfold the awnings when the solar radiation is excessive. And of course, it is possible to remotely turn off the devices that are on and change the temperature or the state of the air conditioning or heating system.
It is above all about «learning from experience» and reducing consumption since from the central control it is possible to check what your habitual consumption is, and it is easy to detect at what moments energy has been wasted and act accordingly.

Decide on the energy rate consciously

Once you have optimized the behavior of the home with home automation, you already know your energy consumption profile much better, and knowledge is power…. You can search for the light company that operates in Spain and that has an electric and / or gas rate that best suits your needs through an energy comparator to find an advantageous light and gas marketer, and with electricity of renewable origin .

On the other hand, taking into account the home automation system, it is also necessary to check if you have to change the contracted power. You may not need as much power and that will influence the price of the fixed term and allow you to strictly consume the electricity you need.

Other advantages of home automation

Of course, the advantages of home automation are not only economic savings but also the reduction of the consumption of natural resources and some more that you have below:

• It allows people with disabilities to control their home in a much easier way (supplies, moving elements, etc.)
• Allows the monitoring of people and animals as well as the prevention of breakdowns.
• The home automation system makes life at home more comfortable since it can automatically turn on and off electrical appliances, close a tap that someone has left open, raise or lower the blinds automatically, etc.

The ease of technology and very competitive prices have turned something initially affordable for few into one more element of our home. Do not doubt that home automation systems are here to stay.

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