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How to get the most out of your sale

Posted by Michel B. on 01/10/2020

Reforming a home with the intention of enjoying it for many years can be very interesting. But carrying out a reform to increase the value of your home with the intention of selling it later is not very attractive. At first because you do not want to invest a lot in something that you are not going to enjoy, and on the other hand because the reforms tend to be a bit complicated and more if you live inside the house.
When we talk about revaluing the home, we are not only referring to painting it and replacing some doors and windows, but also a deep reform that will require a larger investment. Therefore, before starting the revaluation work, it is important to have clear questions so that you can get more money from you even after you have renovated.

What to do?

More than a third of buyers want to live in a green home. Details such as the greenest boiler, presence detectors, solar panels, implementation of smart technologies, are what make a home attractive for future customers. Here are some tips to make the sale of your home a success.

Install double or triple glazed windows

If you decide to do this small reform, you will get your home to save on heating and air conditioning. You will promote thermal and acoustic insulation. A small reform that your potential buyers will value a lot

Place energy saving light bulbs

It seems obvious, but there are many houses that have not yet made the transformation to a more sustainable lighting. Energy-saving lights are a good resource to reduce the cost of your water and electricity bills. Although its initial cost is higher over time, it will be fully amortized.

Integrated environments

As each time the houses are smaller, pulling a wall down can be a great option to increase the available space, that will generate visual and physical amplitude. However, you must remember that it is necessary to have a better organized home since now everything is more exposed.

Buy energy efficient appliances

If you are thinking of leaving the appliances, the low consumption ones are the most attractive since they consume a minimum amount of energy. They are also called efficient appliances and can be recognized through labels that show the energy they use.

With these recommendations you will make the house you want to sell more attractive and can be bought more easily.

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