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The housing measures of the PP 2023

Posted by Michel B. on 29/05/2023
  • In the Balearic Islands, the PP wins, led by Margalida Prohens, and adds with Vox the absolute majority to govern. Thus, the ‘Armengol era’ will end. Among the housing measures, the following stand out:
  • A new deduction in the IRPF for owners who put their home on the long-term rental market of 15% on the yields.
  • Expansion of the deduction for home tenants, with a special rate for children under 30, large families, single parents or with disabilities by 20% and expansion of the deductible limit for other taxpayers.
  • Suppression of the ITP for the purchase of the first residence for people under 30 years of age and people with disabilities, for homes of up to €270,000, with the possibility of extending it up to €350,000 in stressed areas.
  • 50% reduction in Property Transfer Tax for the purchase of the first residence for children under 35 years of age, large or single-parent families, for homes of up to €270,000, with the possibility of extending this threshold to €350,000 in stressed areas, going from 4% to 2%.
  • Abolition of the Wealth Tax: Progressive abolition of the Wealth Tax, subject to the repeal of the Solidarity Tax currently approved by the State, to avoid taxing the assets of the islands, but charged to the collection of the central Government and not from the Balearic Islands
  • Suppression of the Inheritance and Gift Tax on all inheritances between parents and children, between grandparents and grandchildren and between spouses (groups I and II), both in inheritances due to death, and in inheritances during life via succession agreements. 50% reduction in Inheritance Tax between siblings or between uncles and nephews (Group III), making the Balearic Islands the community with the lowest fee.
  • Rent Insurance Program based on the intermediation of the Government between owners of empty houses and people who are looking for housing to rent, with which the owners who adhere put their house to rent at affordable prices, with the attraction of having collection guarantees, that The house is rehabilitated for rent and to be able to recover it in good condition.
  • Build to Rent Program, for the transfer of public land to the private initiative for the promotion of rental housing at an appraised price.
  • Facilities and regulatory changes necessary for the development of coliving and cohousing housing for seasonal workers or students.
  • Construction and development of new public promotions for social rentals aimed at the most vulnerable families or people.
  • Guarantee the rental aid funds, speeding up your payment times.
  • Young Mortgage mortgage guarantee system to cover the 20% that banks do not lend, focused on young people under 35 years of age to buy a home.
  • Greater autonomy for city councils in approving their new municipal planning: General Urban Planning Plans (PGOU), subsidiary regulations, derived plans and detailed studies, their revisions and modifications, as well as other zoning, reducing the existing excessive protection and the discretion of the other administrations over them.
  • Guarantee the legal certainty of projects, reinforcing the figure of the responsible declaration and recovering positive administrative silence.
  • Reformulation of the density indices to allow growth in height in Palma, especially in those neighborhoods with significant height differences between the current buildings, for a better use of the land.
  • Facilities for the conversion of commercial premises into housing and the conversion of large, old-style homes that do not meet the current needs of the population into more than one home.
  • Flexibility of the regime of land reserves for Officially Protected Housing (VPO) so that the municipalities decide where these reserves are transferred according to the zoning and planning that they establish.
  • Rapid intervention protocol coordinated between the different administrations -Government, town halls and Government Delegation- for the eviction of squatters and the recovery of the property for its owners in the first 24 hours.
  • If the squat is prolonged, the administrations will exempt the owner of the squatted property from paying fees, taxes or public municipal supplies.
  • The new Housing law will include squatting as a serious offense so that squatters cannot receive housing benefits or access social rental housing from the Institut Balear de l’Habitatge (IBAVI).
  • Office for the Defense of Private Property and permanent hotline for legal advice in cases of squatting.

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